Race Clinic

Race Clinics focus on developing and perfecting race skills of each stroke – Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly and Breaststroke.

Race Clinics are a great way for swimmers to focus on the skills required to put together a strong race in their chosen stroke.

In each race clinic, students will learn, develop and advance their abilities in swim competitions and school carnivals by focusing on the following of their chosen stroke:
- Race starts – focusing on improved dives & starts, streamlines, underwater work and breakouts;
- Race finishes – working on glides, fast and appropriate finishes relevant to each stroke;
- Race turns – specific skills in performing an effective turn; focusing on timing, efficiency and speed, as well as breaking out into the appropriate stroke for the best possible race performance.

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Client Review:
Thoroughly enjoyed. Because it is focused on honing race skills, it was the first time I’ve seen Max actually push himself to get an outcome. He tried at everything attempted. He was so happy, that he is looking forward to next week and doesn’t mind that he has 2 lessons on same day. All in all, he wasn’t just swimming he was trying harder to do everything.”
- Peter Moore


$45.00 per clinic.

Duration: 60 minutes
Max: 5 students per class

Equipment: Wetsuit, Swimming Costume, Goggles, Swim Cap, Long Blade Fins