Swimming Carnival Season

Posted by Mermaid Staff on February 14th, 2019

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It’s that time of year again, School Swimming Carnivals are here! A big thank you to those parents who have sent us their child’s results, please keep them coming in. We are so proud of all our swimmers competing, it is a great achievement to race in front of the whole school off the block. No matter what the result we are ecstatic to hear they gave it a go. For those who are still yet to compete we would like to give you a few extra tips for the school carnival:

  • Tighten those goggles, best to have goggles a little tighter than normal to ensure they stay on for the dive.
  • Don’t break the seal on the goggles, make sure the goggles are sitting directly on the skin and not on the cap. Goggles are designed to suction to the skin in order for them not leak with water.
  • When diving, look a few feet in front to where you usually enter the water, then visualise flying through the air and entering the water. Remember to tuck head down and tighten streamline when entering the water.
  • Make sure your hands enter the water first (to break the surface) then shoulders with toes being the last to enter. DO NOT DIVE TOO DEEP!!! Aim to enter just under the surface then kick in streamline to the surface and a stroke breakout to start your stroke when surfacing.
  • When finishing the race, keep swimming until the wall stops you! Don’t stop before the wall.

MSA offers race clinics for squad swimmers who wants to focus on developing and perfecting race skills of each stroke – Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly and Breaststroke. If you are interested – click here to know more

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