The Importance of Bubbles

Posted by Joanna Kyriazakos on June 11th, 2019

beginner learn to swim sydney blowing bubbles

Bubble Bubble Bubble.

Every child is always taught to blow bubbles during their swimming lessons. This is the first step to allow them to breathe effectively when swimming.

When swimming the inhale should occur whilst your face is above water and the exhale only occurs whilst your face is underwater. Many beginners do not exhale and instead hold their breath whilst their face in the water which can cause panic and then cause swimmers to take short shallow breaths.

By teaching children to blow bubbles we are teaching children to control their exhalation which should make them feel more relaxed whilst swimming.

How many bubbles should we see?
The aim is to have a constant stream of bubbles through their mouth & or nose instead of a small spray of bubbles.

At Mermaid Swim Academy starting with our Beginner Learn to Swim lessons, we teach all our students bubbles and breathing arm to help them control their breath.

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