Tumble Turns

Posted by Mermaid Staff on August 31st, 2018

Ever wondered how to do a tumble turn? Most swimmers do not know how to do a tumble turn and instead opt for touch turns which are much slower. Tumble turns can seem intimidating or scary if you have never tried it before, but with practice they are really not that hard to do and will take at least a couple of seconds off your times.

To do a perfect tumble turn, swim freestyle into the wall, when you are really close to the wall and can almost touch the wall with your hand flip over your head and land your feet on the wall. Don’t worry about hitting your head! Most people are scared they will hit their head and turn to far away and completely miss the wall. Another tip is to make yourself as small as possible with your knees tight into your chest so you can turn round as fast as possible. Once you’ve successfully landed your feet on the wall, you should be lying on your back facing up, you can push off the wall underwater and turn back onto your stomach (in your streamline position of course!).

Slo-mo vid of Katie tumble turn..

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