What habits make a dedicated (and ultimately a great) swimmer?

Posted by Mermaid Staff on April 20th, 2018

msa junior squad swimming

  1. Turns up for every swim session;
  2. Has two pairs of goggles on hand (for any unexpected breakages or leaks);
  3. Always brings the right gear (i.e flippers if in squads AND a drink bottle);
  4. Wears a silicone swimming cap (for warmth and to keep hair out of face);
  5. Always on time to their swim sessions if not early (and waiting for their coach);
  6. Is always anticipating the coach’s instructions and listens carefully;
  7. Will always be ready & willing to push off to lead the lane;
  8. At all times is thinking about their stroke and what the coach has instructed;
  9. Will ensure pool and lane etiquette is adhered to – ie swimming on the left-hand side and if overtaking a slower swimmer ensure there is no one swimming towards them in the opposite direction and will speedily get back to the left-hand side of the lane;
  10. Says thank you to their coach and looks forward to their next swim practice!

✔️ How many can you tick off as a dedicated swimmer?? Email us your child’s results and we can help your child get motivated and LOVE their swimming!! 

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