SEASON 2018/19 Highlights

Posted by Joanna Kyriazakos on June 12th, 2019

Onwards and upwards…

Congratulations to all of our swimmers who have joined us over the season 2018/19. We have seen great improvements in all of our swimmers and hope to see you all back down at the pool for our 15th season in October.

We would like to share our favourite moments from the season and if you have any special moments we would love to hear about them.

  • Fletcher Taylor started off the season with dad in the water for his class. He has progressed so much that dad is no longer required in the lesson but only for a play afterwards because he is now so confident in the water!
  • Rose O’Brien who has swim with us for several seasons now and finally at the end of Term 3 after a lot of negotiating with Coach Tara she put her face in the water!
  • Otto Schwab has just swam so well throughout the whole season and it won’t be long till he is joining our Development Squad and he is only 6!
  • Bligh Jordan who has been a pleasure to teach this season, has participated in all terms and we have seen fantastic improvements in his freestyle.
  • Carter Hughes for being a committed all season swimmer. Rain, Wind and Surf we can always count on him to be there and put a smile on our Mermaid staff faces.

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